{{Template:Quote|"We're a fan club of the Pea Pod although we're the children of the Sunflowers."|Sun Pod's Almanac Entry from Plants Vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time}}

'''A plant made by []'''

{{PlantPic|Sun Pod.png}}{{Template:Infobox Plant PvZ Wiki

|Game = kklol.png|Box title =Sun Pod |image = Sun Pod.png

|caption = Healixflowers shoot helix beams from a close range and heals nearby plants.

|Row 1 title = Cost:

|Row 1 info =  65 sun

|Row 2 title = Recharge:

|Row 2 info = Fast

|Row 3 title = Special:

|Row 3 info = .Increases amout of sun spamming with multiple plantings

|Row 4 title = Sun production:

|Row 4 info = 50 sun every 24 seconds for each head

|Row 5 title = Unlocked:

|Row 5 info = Beating Modern Day -  Day 2

|Row 6 title = Created by:

|Row 6 info = [[User:~QlnwtheOctoGuy~|~QlnwtheOctoGuy~]]}}

Sun Pod is the second plant obtained in the Morden Day in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a sun production plant, and the number of suns it products at a time corresponds with the number of heads it has at that moment. The player can increase the number of heads it has by planting another Sun Pod on top of it, with five heads being the maximum.==Suburban Almanac Entry==

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