Hereford Calf Portrait, SC, Vic, 13.10.2007 edit

A Hereford (cattle) Cattle calf in Australia

A calf (Plural calves) is the young of various species of Mammal. The term is most commonly used to refer to the young of Cattle. The young of Bison, Camels, Dolphins, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippopotamuses, Moose, Rhinoceroses, Whales, and Yaks are also called calves.

A cattle calf is the Offspring of a Cattle and a Cattle. This terminology is also usually common to other species where the young is called a calf. A calf that has lost its mother is referred to as a dogie.

The birth of a calf is calving. The term calving is also applied in geology to the breaking off of a mass of ice from its parent glacier, iceberg, or ice shelf.

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Calf meat offered for Human consumption is called Veal. Fine calf skin used for Page (paper)s in early Codexes is called Pergamon. The fourth compartment of the stomach of slaughtered milk-fed calves is the source of Rennet. Calves feed from their mother's Udder for a few weeks before eating solid food.

Calf leather is particularly valuable because of its softness, and fine grain. It is commonly used for the construction of high-end/high-quality shoes.

The type of beef (steak) that you normally eat is a steer.

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A suckling calf with its mother

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