Template:Policies Any user can delete content by editing a page. The content will still be available in the page history. Administrators can delete articles so they are no longer viewable by non-admins. Before you delete anything, please note that it is often a mistake to delete content.


When deleting a page, you need to enter a reason for deletion.

To delete a page, click the "delete" tab at the top of the page, between "protect" and "move" tabs. You will see a confirmation screen where you need to enter a reason for deletion. After you have provided a reason, click "Delete page" and the page will be deleted and you'll recieve a confirmation message about the deletion.

Requesting deletion of a pageRectify

If a page is a candidate for speedy deletion, simply add {{delete}} to a page to tag it so an admin can delete it.

If the page is not a candidate for speedy deletion, propose deletion of it by adding {{proposed deletion}} or {{proposed deletion because|reason}}.

See alsoRectify

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