ACE-SIX Viper Zero
F-2A Viper Zero
Technical information

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries






F-16C Fighting Falcon

Real-world information

Ace Combat 04
Ace Combat 5


The F-2A Viper Zero is a multi-purpose attack aircraft developed jointly by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Lockheed Martin. It is a Japanese variant of the F-16C Fighting Falcon, distinguished by a larger body and avionics upgrades.

History and characteristicsRectify

A joint collaboration between Lockheed Martin and Mitsubishi, the origins of the F-2A trace back to a plan of the Japanese government from the 1980s to produce a secondary fighter to replace the aging F-1 trainer aircraft and supplement its other main fighters, the F-4EJ and the F-15J, using the F-16 as a basis.

The Viper Zero owes its increased body size to the "Agile Falcon", a proposed US derivative of the F-16 with a larger body and an upgraded powerplant. The concept was ignored and abandoned by the USAF in favor of the Joint Strike Fighter program, but was revived under the FS-X program that would lead to the F-2A.


  • In Ace Combat Zero, the F-2A has the highest XMAA ammunition count with 20 missiles, despite being an attacker. It is followed closely by the Raptor F/A-22A Raptor with 18 missiles.


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