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Band lineupRectify

  • Gavin Castleton – Keyboard/Vocals
  • Brendan Bell - Vocals/Percussions
  • Erik Nilsson – Saxophone
  • Scott McPhail – Drums
  • Justin Abene - Bass Guitar
  • Steve Geuting - Guitar

Old MembersRectify

  • Saunder Jurriaans - bass guitar, Now a member of Priestbird
  • Ethan Ruzzano - guitar, trombone
  • Steve Martinka - bass guitar
  • Brandon Clemmens - bass guitar, now a member of Pan Tourismos and The Inconvincible
  • Josh Hutchins (aka Johnny Longburns) - Turntables
  • Reed Wallsmith - saxophone, now a member of Blue Cranes


Lumas, the band's most cerebral canine is often referred to as a member of the band or even the creative genius behind the band. He often makes appearances at live shows and the band maintains that he has made an appearance on every album to date.


  • Breakfast All Day (1996)
  • Fetus EP (1997)
  • Cromagnetic (1998)
  • Sound Soldiers 1999)
  • Backout Smiling (2000)
  • ...With the Spirit of a Traffic Jam... (2002)
  • Simon (2004)
  • Maximum Unicorn (2005)

Vismal CDR SeriesRectify

CD series using homemade packaging and CDR format as a means to publish the music as quickly and frequently as possible.

  • Volume 1: A Correspondence Course in Best Friendship (2003)
  • Volume Zero: Cover Girls (2005)

Tour HistoryRectify

Gruvis Malt toured the United States from 1998-2004, with bands like Locale AM, 9 Miles, One Drop, and with Sage Francis in 2003. Strange Famous records released a live collection entitled Dead Poet Live Album chronicalling that tour, as well as a later collection Road Tested which features several recordings from that tour. Gruvis Malt has also played with Incubus, G Love & Special Sauce, The Roots, Save Ferris, Luscious Jackson, Atmosphere, Secret Chiefs, Buck 65, De La Soul, Sugarhill Gang, Wilco, Virginia Coalition, Brother Ali, Karl Denson, John Scofield, The Slip, Mos Def, Common, Evil D, Black Moon, Maceo Parker, 3rd Eye Blind, Fun Lovin Criminals, Ozomatli, Rustic Overtones, and many others.


  • Best New Album of 2006 - Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll
  • Best Electronica/DJ Act 2006 - Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll
  • Best Electronica/DJ Act 2005 - Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll
  • Currently Nominated for Best Electronica/DJ Act and Best Song (Hymn 2) - Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll

Side ProjectsRectify

  • Gavin Castleton
  • Jonny Classic and the Classic Johns - Brendan Bell
  • Ebu Gogo - a collaboration of Brendan Bell, Justin Abene, and Gavin Castleton

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