a=Admin, B=Bureaucrat, W=Wikia staff, Grayed out=Inactive; as of 12/07/2011 (MA/en only)
User enbgcsdeeoesfritjamunlplptrusrsvzh-cn
Dan Carlson - contact a B B
Harry Doddema - contact a B B
Michael Warren - contact a
Cid Highwind - contact B B B B B a
Captainmike - contact a
Alan del Beccio - contact a
SmokeDetector47 - contact a
A.J. Halliwell - contact a
Charles Trotter - contact a
Jan H. Kobarg - contact a B a
Tim Thomason - contact a
Jörg Hillebrand - contact a
Tough Little Ship - contact a
Dennis Couch - contact a a B
Sulfur - contact B a
Enzo Aquarius - contact a
ThomasHL - contact a
Cleanse - contact a
31dot - contact a
Morder - contact a
Archduk3 - contact a
Blair2009 - contact a
Tzarboris - contact B
JemHadar - contact B
Alexander M. - contact B
Björn Mielbrandt - contact a
Markus Klack - contact a
Klossi - contact B
Tobi72 - contact B
Plasmarelais - contact B
Mark McWire - contact a
HenK - contact a
Tgkshorney - contact B
Hoogamagoo - contact a
Trekkipedia - contact B
Guido - contact B
ElAuriano - contact a
Philippe Hils - contact B
Rcog - contact B
Conruyt - contact a
Star Trek Man - contact a
MicioGatta - contact B
Captainbond - contact B
Yukichi - contact W
Bp - contact B
Erik Möller - contact a
Romke van der Meulen - contact B
Patricia - contact a
Q - contact a
Domko - contact B
TOR - contact B
Paradoks - contact a
Q__Original - contact a
Gabriel O. Brum - contact B
Eartheaven - contact B
Rogol - contact B
JLPaparazzzzi - contact B
Afinogenoff - contact a
Startreker - contact a
Whisperer - contact B
Crazy voyager - contact B
Peter R - contact B
Bjorn9800991 - contact a
Peter wikia - contact a
DeltaFlyer - contact B

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