Infobox new visual editor test
Без имени-1
Infobox new visual editor test as seen in Circle of Friends
Illust. by Kuuma (空真)
Japanese 伊東歌詞太郎 (Itou Kashitarou)
Also known as Ito Kashitaro (alternate romanization)
weezer (former name)
ふわもこP (FuwamokoP, producer)
かしたろういとう (Kashitarou Itou)
桐原理々久 (Kirihara Liliku, Smiley*2GS)
Gender Male
Status Active
Years active 2009-2011 (as producer)
2010-present (as utaite)
NND-related sites NND user page (deleted) (current)
Template:Mylist (main)
Template:Mylist (>2 person collabs)
Template:Mylist (as weezer, deleted)
Template:Mylist (as producer, deleted)
YT channel


Collab partner(s) Amatsuki


test test

Ooyala Test00:53

Ooyala Test

Google Chrome Speed Tests02:10

Google Chrome Speed Tests

This is a test image

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