<googlemap version="0.9" lat="48.5257" lon="7.481689" type="map" zoom="9" height="600"> 48.403557, 7.330123 File:88Hohwald.jpgFile:88Hohwald2.jpg
Le Hohwald (c) Polo 2007 48.237137, 7.619705, Saasenheim 200px
1952 (c) Lloyd_cf 48.450496, 7.247715, Le Struthof 200px
La Grande Carrière, Natzwiller
(c) Lloyd_cf 2008 48.44913, 7.232952, Le Struthof 200px
Camp de concentration du Struthof
(c) Lloyd_cf 2008 48.343472, 7.106094, Saales 200px
(c) Lloyd_cf 2008 48.825392, 7.60818, Ringeldorf 200px
(c) Polo & Lloyd_cf 2009 48.669523, 7.707369, 67550 Vendenheim 200px
(c) Polo & Lloyd_cf 2009 </googlemap>


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