Some we have alreadyRectify

Template:main is at least the second Central Wikia page designed specifically for use on individual wikia.

An early one was the project:Wikia tour page with its related category, etc, all of which are copied to one's own Wikia. Then there are the other templates, which can all be used "as is" simply by using the "w:" prefix.

We should have more of theseRectify

In many wikia, much of what has been considered desirable has been copied either from here or from another Wikia.

It would be best if the best version of each could be here (well-signposted; for example, in help:improving your Wikia) for everyone to copy direct and for interested contributors to improve further.

Ideally the model pages will contain numerous links to other potential pages that would be good for many individual wikicities. The versions here will point to the matching Central Wikia page, whether or not we have created one. But we can very quickly create at least a rudimentary central page of that name, and wikians will somewhere (for example, on related Talk pages or in a deletable note at the top of a model page) be told some of the advantages of having a page with that name on their own wikis and told of ways in which other wikia have adapted the model to suit themselves.


(Please raise possible problems on the Talk page or set out proved problems here.)

List of probably suitable (existing or proposed) model pagesRectify

(where possible, we list here, and on each talk page once created, a good example or two from existing wikia)