Number produced: 1,701

Chassis SeriesYearComments
Series S-AG 1921
Series S-BG 1922
Series S-CE 1921
Series S-FK 1925
Series S-HH 1923
Series S-JG 1921
Series S-JH 1923
Series S-KF 1924 Six volt electrical system from 201 KF
Series S-KG 1922-1923
Series S-LF 1924
Series S-LG 1921
Series S-LK 1925
Series S-MF 1924
Series S-MG 1922
Series S-MK 1925 L.H. drive. 3 speeds. Double battery ignition.
Series S-ML 1925-1926
Series S-NE 1921
Series S-PK 1925
Series S-PL 1926
Series S-RK 1925
Series S-RL 1926 R-R tubular bumpers. Vertical slat shutters.
Series S-SG 1921-1922
Series S-TG 1922
Series S-UG 1921
Series S-XH 1923

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