Quick Shoot
Quick Shot

Shells carry the traits of the weapon that is currently equipped. Shots travel 3 m further than normal shots.
Air Shot
Air Shot

Launches targets by whacking with the cannon. Follow up with the attack mouse button to cause an explosion to push enemies away.
Side Kick
Wrench Smashing

Click the special attack mouse button to pull out a gigantic wrench and whack enemies with it. Pushes enemies back.
Low Spin Kick
Magnifier Attack

Click the special attack mouse button near a fallen enemy to pull out a gigantic magnifying glass which is used to focus the sun's rays on the target.
Napalm Wax Air Bomb Dodge
Stun Grenade Force Out Mega Hammer Circle Bomb
Summon Alfredo Bubble Bubble!
Recall Alfredo Aerial Evasion
Health Bloster
Mental Fortitude
Automate Attuned Mine

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