• Eric Ryan Jones
    Has anyone gotten the message about the blogs and masthead?
        • BeholdMyGlory [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
    WikiBlog sounds like huge talkpage
    Pretty much.
    • Cluna|BSG is an ApolloFangirl and a StarbuckFangirl. Ha. Ha. Ha.
    I haven't
    British Society of Gastroenterology
    What about Apollo Justice?
    I think you get the message on wikis where you are an administrator.
    I got it
    Oh, found the fine print:
    This message was sent to sysops on English wikis.
    I'm checking out the details.
    I'm no Sysop anywhere, and never will be
    "Let that be a squeaky chair."
    It could work for users' personal projects (ie, the ones they don't want people touching).
    Isn't that wha… Read more >