<Eric_Ryan_Jones> Has anyone gotten the message about the blogs and masthead?

      • BeholdMyGlory [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]

<BlueLionheart> ?

<Azul|UToobe> WikiBlog sounds like huge talkpage

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> Pretty much.

  • Cluna|BSG is an ApolloFangirl and a StarbuckFangirl. Ha. Ha. Ha.

<Henryacores> I haven't

<RedLionHeart> British Society of Gastroenterology

<Otherarrow> What about Apollo Justice?

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> I think you get the message on wikis where you are an administrator.

<Otherarrow> I got it

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> Oh, found the fine print:

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> This message was sent to sysops on English wikis.

<Otherarrow> Yes

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> I'm checking out the details.

<Henryacores> I'm no Sysop anywhere, and never will be


<Eric_Ryan_Jones> "Let that be a squeaky chair."

<RedLionHeart> Squeakbox

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> It could work for users' personal projects (ie, the ones they don't want people touching).

<Azul|UToobe> Isn't that what User sandboxes are for?

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> But vandals can change a sandbox.

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> Not someone else's blog, apparently.

<Azul|UToobe> So, it's like User:/.css, it's automatically protected?

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> I think so.

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> It gave me the option to "View source" on KyleH's blog.

<Henryacores> Not bad

<RedLionHeart> -sigh-

  • RedLionHeart is so bord

<RedLionHeart> Bored until Ill Idle forever in my life

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> According to his test blog, Uberfuzzy likes pie.

  • Cluna|BSG wants to know how Werehog found out about Zidane's English VA.

<Gamer|Jumper2> Huh, new (?) FF history article on IGN

<Azul|UToobe> Slowly but surely, wikia is becoming a more socialized place.

<Azul|UToobe> Yeah, I seen that yesterday

<Gamer|Jumper2> 3 days ago I guess

<Gamer|Jumper2> I don't read IGN

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> I'm wondering if Wikia's staff has the general intent to make Wikia a pure social networking site.

<Azul|UToobe> No longer can we tell forumites: "This is a wiki, not a social networking site, go to <insert site name here>, if you want to do that."

<Henryacores> Oh, no

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> We can start saying, "This belongs in your blog," though.

<Henryacores> Haha

<Henryacores> Will this crush User Space?

<Otherarrow> I remember when they first announced that crap. And we al said "what a stupid idea"

<Azul|UToobe> yeah, fer shure ;}

<Henryacores> Ouch

<Eric_Ryan_Jones> It may have its use. Like C++, crappy and unorganized, but useful.

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