Mixed method: Methanol gasoline can be prepared by various ways which have generally splashing, circulating mixing, tanker and line-pipe four kinds of preparation.

Splashing preparation is to put oil and denatured methanol in a certain proportion into transportation tanker, finished in the process of tank filling. Except for needing assistant feeding equipment and metering instruments, the method is no need to prepare any other special apparatus, which is a common kind of Methanol gasoline method in foreign 1980s’.

Circulating preparation means that use circle pump circulating mix well-distributedly in tempering tank, via this cyclic process, denatured fuel methanol and component gasoline are mixed uniformly. At present, our country uses this way.

Tanker preparation is to load component oil into tank first, and then fill denatured fuel methanol in a certain proportion into the tank. Finish the preparation in the transportation process. This method needn’t change original equipments. During loading it is prepared by tanker taking turns of the feedstock. The method adjusts small-scale mix manufacture at present, convenient and easy.

Line-pipe preparation is to mix gasoline with denatured ethanol by special dispensing machine which complete the mix in steady state in line pipe, the advantage of which is controlled by computer or other equipment convenient for management of Ethanol gasoline.

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