• M.mendel

    HTML, where are you

    July 1, 2009 by M.mendel

    Well, this may show as HTML when I edit it.

    • number
    • bullet
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  • M.mendel

    I've posted this as comments on w:User_blog:KyleH/Announcing:_Blog_articles and also on w:Forum:Blog article feature feedback.

    • Threaded comments would be really nice.
    • Comments that you can't preview and that you can't edit are also very un-wiki-like.
    • When I edit a blog page or blog listing page, the headline says "Create a new ..." instead of "Edit".
    • WhatLinksHere is broken for blog pages, it should list the user blog pages and blog listings it is linked from.
    • Adding a category to a comment doesn't place the comment in the category.
    • I can write/edit an introduction to a User Blog: page, but not to a Blog: page.
    • The comment edit box only has 3 lines, which makes reviewing this rather lengthy comment for coherence and style rather difficult. (3 li…
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  • M.mendel


    June 30, 2009 by M.mendel

    It appears that pre tags aren't copied.

    }} Hurray!


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  • M.mendel

    Blogs and Wikicode

    June 30, 2009 by M.mendel

    What happens when blog pages are transcluded onto other pages? Comments? Bear with me as I examine this question. And now:

    The insidious thing is that it will be inserted at the time I created this, not when I last edited it and added "your" category!

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