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Template:TipImported Instead of keeping zc and zo in your head, just use za to toggle a fold open or closed.

If you open a file or change a fold method, and everything in your file is folded, use zR to "reveal" all of it by opening all folds.

Try setting foldmethod=syntax. Many syntax files define folding based on the language syntax, although you may need to enable it by setting syntax file options. If a specific syntax file doesn't define folding, you can define your own or see below.

Map [{V%zf (or even zfa{ which is easier) to some key sequence (I use <leader><leader>) to fold the current code block (in languages which use {,} as block delimiters).

Use folds liberally. If you fold every function, when you open the file, you will be presented with a quick reference of what functions are defined in the file.

Don't nest too many folds, it grows to be a pain if you use more than two levels of nested folds.

If you think you need more than two levels of folds, you probably need to refactor your code.




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